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Are you ready to level up in your remote work career?
How about working fewer hours while doing so?
And enjoying more free time?

Whether you are an employed remote worker, freelancer or entrepreneur/solopreneur, working from home or from somewhere else, working remotely presents a unique set of challenges.

Do you struggle with unplugging from work, staying motivated, constantly feeling “on”, and finding a healthy work-life balance?

With my proven techniques, strategies, tactics, and support, I can help you overcome these challenges and seize opportunities to lead a better and more fulfilling remote-working life.

Level up your remote work and live your best life!

Helping you Succeed at Working Remotely

Hi, I’m Ali Pruitt, as a remote work productivity consultant, I help those working from home or remotely to be efficient and productive at work and achieve work-life balance.

By working together you’ll be able to:


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How can I help?

A great option for those needing a one-off deep dive consult on 1-2 particular areas of remote work, work-life balance and/or working from anywhere.

$125 – $150


A free, no obligation call to learn more about your goals and roadblocks with remote work, and how I can help.



Designed to give you advice, guidance, support and accountability as you navigate and manage the freedom and flexibility of remote work.

Why should you work with a remote work productivity consultant?

If you are currently struggling with the ins and outs of working remotely, collaborating with a remote work consultant, like me, can help. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively so you can be more productive and achieve your goals quicker, giving you all the confidence and tools to succeed at working remotely wherever you choose to.

As roadblocks and challenges arise, we’ll work together to peel back the layers, uncovering what’s hindering you from making the progress you want. Having the support to manage these changes will ease the stress that comes with new transitions. You will be able to overcome any work-from-home challenges that come your way.

Get stuff done get shit done Efficient workspace setup to work from home

Fully Remote Lifestyle Journey

While your specific remote work experience might be unique, the Fully Remote Journey is flexible to meet your needs. It will ensure a more enjoyable and successful transition experience. I will be there for support, accountability and encouragement all along the way.

The 5 Steps

We will assess your current work situation, discuss your work-life goals, discover your core values. I will give you quick tips and best practices to obtain some quick wins.

Game Plan

I will guide you in setting goals, healthy boundaries, and strategic action-items to achieve those goals. You will receive best practice recommendations around remote work productivity and work-life balance.


You will take action and execute the strategies we’ve defined, and I will teach you valuable techniques for efficiency and maximum productivity.


We will follow-up and evaluate your progress, measure against your goals and make necessary adjustments to your game plan I will provide support to address any roadblocks that arise.


During this phase, you will reap the benefits of all your hard work and gain the confidence to overcome any of the challenges of working remotely – anywhere.

Are you ready to take the next step to your fully remote life?


What my clients say

remote work testimonial 5 star

Thoughtful & Intuitive

“Ali was invaluable in guiding my first steps in international remote work. Her coaching and advice helped me rapidly establish an effective life and work routine so I could hit the ground running the moment I touched down. Thanks to Ali’s help, my time abroad was not only professionally productive, but personally enriching.”
Jason Mathews
Founder & CEO Software Development
Tempe | Arizona
remote work testimonial 5 star

Creative & Resourceful

“Ali shared her experience and expertise with me to help me make the changes I needed in my life to be able to work from wherever I wanted while also becoming more productive than ever.”
Andrew Lemon
Software Implementation Consultant
Mexico City | Mexico

About Ali

My Fully Remote Journey

I’m a remote work productivity expert with over 10 years of process and workflow improvement experience, and 4 years of working remotely while traveling the world.

In 2016, I was ready for a change in my life. I downsized, sold my house, and landed a remote job to start out on my digital nomad journey. Over the next few years, I traveled to and lived in over 10 countries, while working remote. 

I learned how to work smart and efficient to better enjoy my newly redesigned life. I excelled as a remote worker for an international company and a self-employed consultant, all while enjoying my life.  

I am passionate about seeing people do remote work well and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. When you’re able to #getshitdone and unplug from work, you have more time to focus on what’s important – you!


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